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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Favorite Tunes #231: Just How Do You Pronounce "Ys"?

Well, now that I've spoiled what two of the selections come from in the subtitle, how about we just get on with the show?

EXH* Notes - Rave Racer (ARC)
While Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer Revolution recieved home ports on the PlayStation, Rave Racer has forever stayed in the arcades, dooming the game to obscurity. Bandai Namco really should get in touch with HAMSTER and give us an Arcade Archives release of this baby. It has some wicked music.

Ultra Cruise - Ridge Racer 6 (360)
Just as the original Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer V were for the PS and PS2 respectively, Ridge Racer 6 was a lunch title for the Xbox 360, showing off what Microsoft's new hardware was capable of. By no means was Ridge Racer 6 a killer app, there were still far worse ways to spend $50-60 for a game a launch day. It should go without saying, but since this is a Ridge Racer game, of course the music was on point.

Burning Point - Thunder Blade (ARC)
A game most are probably familiar with thanks to the Genesis version of the game called Super Thunder Blade, which sadly has given the original Thunder Blade a negative reputation. The arcade version was given greater exposure being released on SEGA's 3D line on the 3DS, but Super Thunder Blade has continued to get more and more releases on compilations over the years. Not only does Thunder Blade play a million times better than the choppy Genesis version, the soundtrack is leaps and bounds ahead of it.

BGM 4 - Racing Hero (ARC)
Don't let this weak sauce of a title for the track fool you. BGM 4 is a phenomenal piece of music. I'd expect nothing less from the musicians SEGA employed. Racing Hero could be considered part of the Hang-On series despite not being anywhere near as well known as Super Hang-On.

Prelude to Adventure - Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (TG-16)
Ys VIII hit the Switch and as I have never completed a Ys game but have always loved the music, I think I'll pick it up and make it the first game in the series I finish. Ys III received a few ports and picking which version has the best music can be a difficult task.

The Boy's Got Wings - Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (X68000)
Yes, we're talking about Ys III music again, but this time from the Sharp X68000 version. That thing had a baller of a sound chip and in the right hands, magic was worked. One of Ys III's best tracks (saying a lot because the entire game's soundtrack is crazy awesome) sounds spectacular on the X68000. Those drums, man!

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