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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sega is at it again! As if the OutRun and After Burner music box sets weren't enough to make fans swoon, they've gone and released what is sure to make "King of Speed" lovers (like myself) have multiple geekasims.

Spanning four discs, Let's Go Away Daytona USA Anniversary Box features music from all six Daytona games! That's roughly... well, that's like hours of Daytona audio bliss!

Now I'll admit that Daytona USA music isn't for everybody. The music is on the cheesy side, but it's the best kind of cheesiness there is. I'd give anything to see the look on someone's face driving down the highway when they hear "ROLLING STAAAAAAAAAART" blasting. I'd almost forgotten how much I love the music from this series but it all came flooding back when I listened to this album. I wish Namco would give the Ridge Racer series this treatment.

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