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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unlock Everything in Battlefield 3 for $40

Love Battlefield 3 but don't want to go through all the hard working of unlocking all the cool stuff from long hours of playing? Well EA has the solution. They call it the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle. Just fork over $40 and you can unlock everything without even playing. I must say, that's a pretty expensive shortcut. If you don't want or need everything, EA is also releasing content in packs for less money.

Now I'm not really one to bring my own moral gaming codes into this because I've used cheats and other shortcuts to unlock characters, weapons and numerous things in certain games I've played. But I never had to spend $40 to get access to those goods. Outside of a cheat device like Action Replay, I've never had to spend money to unlock anything.

I realize that unlocking things in games takes time but giving a company money just to unlock stuff just wreaks of corporate greed. I can only wonder much much money EA will bring in from doing this. Battlefield 3 has already sold more than 10 million copes since it released in October of 2011, so there's plenty of gamers that own this title.

Source: GameSpot

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