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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Capcom Defends on-Disc DLC

I don't mean to keep beating a dead horse but Capcom's audacity is just astounding on so many levels. This is Capcom's response to complaints from the Better Business Bureau regarding the 12 DLC characters in Street Fighter X Tekken.

"At Capcom, we value our customers and make every effort to resolve customer complaints. We are sorry to hear that [censored] was so disappointed with the Street Fighter x Tekken game (''SFxT''), and would like to respond to his complaints. 

SFxT has an enormous amount of content, fully developed and available for play and enjoyment immediately on-disc. Given the 38 characters available for full play, as well as multiple play modes, SFxT provides great value for all players from day one. While Capcom is sorry that some of its fans are not happy about the chosen method of delivery for the DLC, we believe that this method will provide more flexible and efficient gameplay throughout the game's lifecycle. There is effectively no distinction between the DLC being ''locked'' behind the disc and available for unlocking at a later date, or being available through a full download at a later date, other than delivery mechanism. 
We hope that this addresses [censored]' concerns."


No difference? They are actually that thick-headed to believe that? There's a huge difference here! These characters were already good to go. Capcom just saw a chance to get some extra change and took it. And then they have the nerve to come out with that "we value our customers" PR garbage? The only thing Capcom values is the all mighty dollar.

DLC is usually used as an acronym for downloadable content. It can also be used as an acronym for disc locked content, which is far more fitting in this case. This certainly will not be the last time Capcom or another game company decides to screw over it's consumer base.

Source: Cinema Blend

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