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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Latest Purchases #47

Another Latest Purchases post and no games to mention. But, I did get some sweet DVDs. I talk a lot about how great the 1980s were for animation and video games, but the '90s had some amazing cartoons as well. Darkwing Duck, one of of the best examples of a super hero parody represents some of Disney's best work in afternoon animation. Darkwing Duck Volume 2 collects another 27 episodes from this 91 episodes series. Some of my favorite episodes are contained in this set such as Life, the Negaverse and Everything, Disguise the Limit, Stressed to Kill, and Dead Duck. There's nothing in the way of extras on this set, as has been the case with every Disney Afternoon show on DVD that wasn't Gargoyles. Bit of a bummer but I'm glad I can watch DW in action whenever I please. Another bummer is that Disney has yet to release the remaining episoldes of Darkwing Duck on DVD, which is a notorious practice Disney seems to be fond of when it comes to it's old Disney Afternoon toons.

When Warner Bros. said they had no plans to release another DVD set of Tiny Toon Adventures after the two box sets that collected the first season, I was crushed. I lived and breathed this show when I was a kid so having an incomplete collection was heartbreaking. But about a month ago I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Vol. 3 was on the way! What's more, Vol. 4, which collects the final episodes of the series will be releasing in late May of this year. Thank you, Warner Bros! Vol. 3 collects some of the series most memorable episodes like Kon Ducki, Thirteensomething, and Elephant Issues the banned episode that has Buster, Plucky and Hampton getting drunk and getting into all kinds of trouble. Good stuff.

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