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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Latest Purchases #46

This is actually a combination of stuff I bought with this week's paycheck and last week's paycheck. I meant to post the stuff from last week sooner, but I just never got around to it. Better late than never.

It's the latest issue of Retro Gamer, Load 112. Among other things, this issue has a special feature about the 30 greatest power-ups in gaming. Some of the power-ups that made the list are the Bomb Kick from the Bomberman series, the Spread Gun from the Contra games, the Red Shell from Mario Kart and the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. That's only what I've seen from a quick look. I can't wait to really dig into this feature.

Superman Family Adventures is the only Superman comic I'm reading as I continue to avoid DC Comics and most mainstream comics in general. As the spirtutal successor to Tiny Titans (R.I.P.) it hits a lot of the same notes, paying homage to numerous incarnations of the Superman mythos and has a good flow of continuity from issue to issue. One of Superman's most classic foes Brainiac appears here. If not for Superman: The Animated Series, I wouldn't have a clue who Brainiac was.

I missed the third issue in the Chaotix storyline in Sonic Universe and I'm kicking myself for it. The Chaotix are some of my favorite characters in the Sonic world and I was delighted to see them get a story centered on the group. There was even mention of the famous computer room line from Vector. Several times.

I didn't have the money to pick up Mega Man #22 at the time so I read this issue in the store. And it had me in stitches. Ice Man can't seem to catch a break in wooing Roll and Roll's attempts to get Mega Man together with Quake Woman fall flat. Dr.Light even explains how and why he programmed his creations to feel love.

This is the second Sonic Super Digest I've picked up and I still haven't finished reading the first one. These digest books collect older material from the Sonic comics as well as some more recent storylines. This one has Sonic and Knuckles going at it and they even take on their Super forms.

The Art of War. A book I've heard about and was told to read by one of my old managers at work. Looking through it, it seems a bit different from what I'd originally had in mind. Althought I'm not really sure what I was thinking to expect from this book but it seems more about planning and battle strategies, which is fine and it sounds like it will make a good read. It cost me less than $8 at Barns & Nobles. And thus my collection of books continues to grow.

That wraps up the stuff I bought from last week. The only thing I got this week was Wreck-It Ralph on Blu-Ray + DVD. I watched the movie with my nieces and it is an amazing film. Not just for it's gaming focus but for the story it tells. Seriously, I LOVE this movie and I'll go into further detail as to why when I review it. And watch it again.

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