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Friday, March 22, 2013

Videos I Like #23: FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix

Ah, the Chocobo Theme. Such a joyous, upbeat, catchy tune. In November of 2001, Joe Redifier's Chocobo Robo Voice, a remix of Boko's Theme (Final Fantasy V) was posted on OverClocked Remix. It's a hilarious tribute to the Chocobo Theme and sums up a lot of Final Fantasy fans and gamers in general. Some might take offensive to some of the lyrics but those that do, probably have zero sense of humor. In July of 2002, LegendaryFrog's flash animation FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix was uploaded to New Grounds where it won the Daily Feature as well as the Weekly User's Choice award.  FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix uses Joe's Chocobo Robo Voice remix and goes along with FF Tribute like bread and butter. Seriously, this song and flash animation were made for each other. I haven't seen this flash animation or heard this song in years and I suddenly remember to look it up. Next thing I know, I'm giggling like a school girl.

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