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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Greatest Cartoon Openings Ever Part 3

Part 3 of an ongoing feature. Click here for Part 2.

A different take on the original 1984 Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic series, this cartoon is what shot the four to superstar status. Fans of the comics were put off by this version of the Turtles but the truth is, the TMNT would have far less exposure if not for this show. The 2003 TMNT cartoon was much more faithful to the comics, but it's opening doesn't have anything on the 1987 show. 

Iron Man is huge now thanks to some major motion pictures and being a bigger figure in the comics but in the 1990s he had nowhere near the popularity of Spider-Man or the X-Men. I've never seen an episode of this show but when I came across the second opening, I was blown away by how overwhelming awesome it was. I think I grew some chest hair just by watching it.

The success of DuckTales was followed by 1989's Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers. Instead of antagonizing Donald Duck, Chip and Dale were pint sized detectives, working on the sidelines to help the human police force solve cases. Chip and Dale were aided by Monterrey Jack, Gadget and Zipper and together, they made up the Rescue Rangers. Like every other Disney Afternoon show, Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers opened with cool theme song that's every bit as catchy as the opener from DuckTales and Darkwing Duck.


Successor to Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaiacs featured much of the same humor but is arguably more popular. There was tons of slapstick humor for kids but more than a few jokes were intended for adults. In fact, the number of things the writers managed to sneak past the censors is downright staggering. And once again, those witty writers at Warner Bros. came up with an infectious tune that you can't help but sing along to. 


Like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, there was plenty of gags in Freakazoid! but there the character designs were much more closer to those of Batman: The Animated Series. This is due to the fact that Freakazoid! was originally intended to be a more series animated show before it was injected with a high voltage dose of humor from the aforementioned WB kids toons. Freakazoid! may not have enjoyed the same ratings as Animaniacs and Tiny Toons (because the network constantly screwed around with the show's time slot) but it' still a fondly remembered show today. 

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