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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Greatest Cartoon Openings Ever Part 4

Megas XLR

This wonderfully hilarious show got so many things right. It spoofed popular anime and western animation. It did away with the played out hero archetype by giving us Coop, a fat, video game loving slacker of protagonist that tricked out MEGAS with a muscle car for a head. And this show absoultely nailed it's opening. This show tells you everyone that loves giant robots. You, me, chicks, EVERYBODY. Show me someone that doesn't like giant robots and I'll show you a liar.


No, there wasn't an animated version of Fox's reality TV show COPS (at least, not to my knowledge). I'm talking about the 1988 C.O.P.S cartoon featuring one of the coolest black guys in the history of animation, Bulletproof. The name alone is awesomesauce but it's quite the literal name since his chest can deflect bullets. Along with fellow cops like LongArm, Mace, and Highway, Bulletproof protected the city from Big Boss and his gang of flunkies. Yeah, the show was made to sell toys but I was always in front of the TV to see this show before school.

Garfield and Friends (Opening 2)

I know that you're thinking. The Garfield comic strip is a bore so why would one even bother watching this? Well, for one, the late Lorenzo Music provided a spot on voice for the world's laziest cat. And the show was genuinely funny, running for seven seasons, a rarity for cartoons these days. The " and Friends" portion of the show includes the residents fro US Acres, a short live comic strip by Garfield creator Jim Davis, which in animated form, was much more well received. I do like the opening used for seasons one and two, "Friends are there", but "We're Ready to Party" used from season three and onward has always been my favorite.

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Action cartoons of the 1980s were great and all, but Winnie the Pooh was a nice diversion from all of that. Of course Pooh and the gang still went on the occasional adventure here and there, it was still a show where most of the events took place in the Hundred Acre Woods. Of Disney's Pooh Bear adaptations, I firmly believe this to be the best of the bunch.

Kim Possible

For most teenagers, getting through a day of high school is an event in and of itself. Kim Possible has to juggle classes, homework, and keeping the world save. Good thing she has help from Ron Stoppable, her best friend since preschool, his naked mole rate and tech wizard, Wade. In a time where Disney cartoons were at a 65 episode limit, fan demand got Kim Possible a fourth season, which explored the relationship upgrade that Kim and Ron got at the end of the third season. Another Disney animated show, another sweet vocal performance for the opener.

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