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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life and Times in Gamerock Entry 2

I'd wager that myself and anyone running a town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a better mayor than Tortimer ever was. Nonetheless, it isn't easy being the one in charge. True, it isn't as demanding as the job of a real life mayor (they have to keep the game fun), but it can still be quite taxing.

The citizens of Gamerock crave public project to make the town more interesting and those things cost money, or in the case of Animal Crossing currency, bells. I was quite happy to appease them because despite their very laid back nature, I do care about the critters in Gamerock. I put projects underway to give the town a yellow bench, a fire hydrant, a fountain and a campsite. Why haven't I put up more than that? I'd love to have far more after 2 weeks of being mayor, but as I said, these public projects don't come cheap. And as much as the people of Gamerock want these things, I've pretty much been left to foot the bill. They will donate a few bills from time to time, but more often than not, public projects are paid for out of my own pocket.

Oh, I know the deal, Nook. I pay up and I get
to keep my breathing privileges. 
Considering you didn't do jack when you
held the title, I don't think that will be too

Still, it feels good when a public project is finished. The first one to reach completion was the campsite. When I stopped by to look at the campsite a few hours after it's completion, I was surprised to see it covered up with a tent. I thought it was just for show but it turns out people actually stop by and set up camp from time to time.

Myself and Portia chilling in my pad.
My pet Metroid. I don't have missiles or an
ice beam so I'm screwed if it gets loose.
I may be the mayor, but I'm certainly not
above a good practical joke.
This is the closest thing I have to a stick.

Slowly but surely, Gamerock is evolving. I'm a little embarrassed that Gamerock isn't progressing as quickly as other towns, but it's still growing. More stores have opened up on Main Street like Lief's gardening shop. He's a little on the creepy side as far as looks go. I gathered enough signatures to get Club LOL going. I'm really looking forward to the grand opening of Club LOL, mostly for K.K. Slider. I needed his music in my home days ago.

Muffy's place. Very classy.
Why doesn't he just come out and say he
wants every bell I have?
The very first completed public project.

Kicks was one of my favorite characters in City Folk so I was stoked to find him on Main Street. No longer is he shining shoes on the street, he has his own store with shoes and socks for me to buy. I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but I LOVE the various outfits you can wear in the Animal Crossing games and it's the best yet in New Leaf. You just get more and more options than ever before.

You don't want anyone to know you had
fleas? Sure, I won't say a word.
Why say things when you can write
them down?
The flag of Gamerock. I hope people
can tell what it is.

I've always been a night person and the shops closing at the hours that they did really wasn't working in my favor. I lost track of the time and forgot to buy a few pieces of clothing at the Able Sister's shop and by the time I ran to the store, the lights were out. I knew then that it was time to flex my mayoral muscle so I've put the Night Owl ordinance into place. Now stores are open later and the people of Gamerock can stay up as late as I do.

We've got a camper.
The second project.
Urge to kill rising.

In past Animal Crossing games, my biggest bell maker was selling fruit. In New Leaf, bug catching can net you a lot of bells, especially if you go to Tortimer Island. One set of bugs netted me over 71,000 bells. As you can imagine, I make multiple daily trips to the island to catch as many bugs as I can. Though I could probably catch some sharks, too, since they go for 15,000 bells a pop and they are a pretty common fish. Now, if only I could actually catch one. Sharks are proving to be one of the more difficult fishes to nab, at least for me.

Not even a downpour stops us from
celebrating a finished project.
I certainly do more work than you, chunky.
I FINALLY got a slingshot!!! It only took
two weeks.

Just when I thought I was done paying the Devil (Tom Nook, of course) all the bells I'd thought neccesary to upgrade my home, I found out that my pad can be bigger than ever. For the first time ever, additional rooms can be added to existing floors in addition to the second floor and basement. So I'm going to be giving that raccoon more bells than ever before. I loath Nook with every fiber of my being but I need that extra home space. So not only am I working hard to please the people of Gamerock, but also to make my growing home even more spacious. The current bill for a new room on the first floor is 398,000 bells. I shudder at the thought of how many bells additional rooms will cost me.

A few of the citizens surprised me with a birthday party. I thought I'd just get a gift (which I did), but I wasn't expecting a party. It was held in Portia's house, which is another thing I wasn't expecting. See, Portia was one of my neighbors in the original Animal Crossing and she was, to put it mildly, a snob. She's really mellowed out in New Leaf and I feel she's a much better character for it. Last week she even came over to my pad and complimented my place. My style is radically different from her high class taste, so I was surprised.

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