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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Leaf Custom Design Mania

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the best entry in the series. It adds enough new while revamping old material to make the game fresh and addicting as ever. Clothing design has been a staple in the Animal Crossing games since the original title, but with New Leaf, it's really booming.

No doubt you've been to the Able Sisters clothing store. Able is more than happy to chat with you but Sable is so busy with her work that you feel like she's giving you the cold shoulder. Don't let her antisocial behavior deter you. Keep talking to her for ten days and she'll open up, becoming more talkative. Believe me when I say that getting to know Sable better is in your very best interest. Once she's softened up, she'll have a brand new, large sewing machine on display next to her. No ordinary sewing machine, this baby allows you to scan as well as create QR codes to get all kinds of custom designs from New Leaf players across the land.

It should go without saying, but custom clothing designers are quite the imaginative bunch. Want to have Super Mushrooms plastered all over the first right floor on your home? Or have about walking around town with a Goku gi? I spent hours looking through custom design archives and it is truly mind blowing what people have come up with. Below are a few of my favorite pro custom designs. Just click the title beneath the image to go to the page where you can scan the QR Codes to get the design.

Year of Luigi
Smash 2014
Minato Cosplay
Hero's Clothes
Ed's Jacket
Link's Shirt
There are plenty other custom designs as the QR Crossing website. Animal Crossing Closet also has a nice selection of custom designs on the cute side. Bido of Crossing is another place worth checking out. As more designs hit the web, I'm sure more blogs and tumblers will spring up.

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