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Monday, July 29, 2013

Life and Times in Gamerock Entry 3

Animal Crossing: New Leaf isn't the first time I've ever been mayor in a video game. Actually, I held the job title in the SimCity on the SNES, but it was a job I was quickly fired from. Thankfully, the townfolk of Gamerock are (mostly) pretty easy to keep happy.

I was given my first badge for catching so many bugs. I wasn't even aware of the new badge system until I saw an, at the time, unfamiliar face walking around town. The reason my net go so much use was because I found that it was the quickest way to earn bells.

I honestly have no idea what this one could
be. Honest. No idea whatsoever.
The slightly stuck up mutt has a point.

My Nintendo items are growing more and more but lately, I've been getting so many duplicates that it's getting a tad disappointing to buy those fortune cookies. I've already gotten the Virtual Boy, Fi Mask, Fire Bar and Bad Bro's Stache several times and that's with two fortune cookies per day.. Just seeing all the other things I could be getting but don't have yet (like a Yoshi Egg or Blue Falcon) make me annoyed at my terrible luck.

One thing I was dying to get done was the completion of second bridge to make town navigation easier. Having a single bridge to cross the river was a huge pain but now Gamerock has three bridges for easy access across the stream. I'm considering a fourth but for now, I think three is fine.

I wore a very special outfit for this very
special occasion.

I've never even seen Evil Dead.

I was also given a badge for playing the game a lot. I should have guessed there would be a badge for this one, but when I actually looked at my 3DS game activities log, I was shocked to see just how many hours I'd logged into New Leaf, which, at the time, was well over 120 hours. I'm probably close, if not beyond the 200 hour mark by now.

Oh boy, another citizen wants another public works
project but isn't gonna pay jack for it.

Bridges aren't the only things I added to Gamerock. We now have a street lamp, a park clock, a flower clock and a yield sign among other things. I do like keep the critter sin Gamerock satisfied, even though I'm the one who pays for these things out of his own pocket.

Club lol finally opened up and the DJ is none other than K.K. Slider. On weeknights I can stop in and boogie on down but on Saturday nights, I can get songs to play in my own home. Too bad I've yet to have the chance to do that yet. At least dancing around is pretty fun.

Looking at photos of other player's towns, I felt something was missing in Gamerock, so I decided to add paths to the greenery. It surprising what a little (or in this case, a lot) of path work can do for your town. You can place quite a number of tiles down and I plan to connect as many houses via paths as possible that I can. Rather than come up with my own path, I decided to use the custom Minecraft path that someone come up with.

I like you Rocco. For that, you get to
keep living.
Portia requested the stone tablet, and she
doesn't even show up for the event.
Stupid dog. 

I played a game with Bangle, one of the campers to visit Gamerock and since I won, she decided to move to town. It's an interesting way of bringing new citizens to town but if you don't spend as much time talking to the campers, you can also keep them out of your town. This is especially good if you aren't too keen on the camper in your village at the time. If only Al was a camper. Maybe all those death threats I send will get him to pack his bags.

I'm a human. You're a dog. I don't think
anyone is gonna make that mistake.

Forget that, just give me all of your bells.

Kirby is hardcore. Deal with it.

The new me.

A salon opened up above the Able Sister's hop so I paid a visit and got myself a brand new do. I sort of miss my original hairstyle but the darker, spiked hair has really grown on me.

The first major event that I participated in was the Bug Off, which was held on Saturday, July 20. Most of the residents also took part, but I came out the victor. To ensure no one else beat me and just to be a punk, I scared off the bugs they tried to catch and even stole bugs right from under their noses by being faster with my own net. I didn't get the bug badge for nothing.

True, true.

Where have I seen this outfit before?

Life is always on hard mode and you
can't reset. 

Me, stealing a bug from a very shocked Rocco.

I'm not really seeing the bad here.

Well, I can see where this is going...

The third bridge of Gamerock.

Lyle's crew loves my Nintendo themed room.

Sure, let me get my AK-47 and prepare
a tombstone.

It's  lot of hard wore and at times, it feels like an enourmous chore, but being the mayor of Gamerock really is awesome. Improving the town through public works projects, making paths, keeping the animals happy, all of it really is a full time job, but it's one I wouldn't trade for anything. Now to get that TOTAL DOMINATION birthday wish to come true and to do something about Al.

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