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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mega Man Unlimited is Out

Get your weapons, keyboards and controllers read. Five years in the making, Mega Man Unlimited, the PC fan game developed by MegaPhilX, along with Gab, Jansim and Kevvviiinnn has finally released. Built from the ground up, Mega Man Unlimited was originally titled Mega Man 10 before Capcom let the cat out of the bag with an official Mega Man 10 title. Mega Man Unlimited looks like quite the ambitious fan game with some very clever level design and catchy music.

I've been keeping an eye on this game over the years, eagerly awaiting the day where I'd finally be able to play it. Well, that day is here and like so many other Mega Man fans, I'm very excited. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to and download Mega Man Unlimited right now if you haven't already done so.

Download Mega Man Unlimited.


Voltech said...

Oh jeez, I just remembered I downloaded this the other day. I need to get it up and running! Even though I'm terrified at the prospect of my impending, nigh-infinite death count.

Well, who knows? Maybe it'll be the first time I ever clear one of the classic-style Mega Man games. Yeah. All I need is practice and a cool head, and I'll finish it.

...And then Mount Everest will turn into giant scoops of ice cream.

Well, I'll still try it one of these -- wait a second, Mega Man Unlimited? Not Revolution? Then what the heck did I download? Jeez Louise...

Well, thanks for the heads up. Guess I'll have to sort this out (and die a lot) over the next few days.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I just found out about Mega Man Revolution so I may have to give that a go.

Mega Man Unlimited is BRUTAL. The game will cut you open, and pour a huge bag of salt into your wound while kicking you in the junk. You pretty much need to stock up on screws to buy items. If you want the Rush Jet item, kill Nail Man first.

Anonymous said...

Mega Man Revolution is WAYYYYY better than the tripe known as Mega Man Unlimited with it's ridiculous amounts of spikes, way more retarded story (except the ending), even crappier music, crappier looking robots (Comet "I look like a cross-dressing Billy Idol" Woman, seriously?), the Mega Man 7 version of Beat, and the biggest sin of all...


That piece of shit of an adaptor is the reason I hate Mega Man 4 to this day!

MegaPhilX is simply the most retarded, brain dead, idiotic, Coyote hating loser ever! The fact this dipshit can't even at least bring back the Mega Man 6 version of the Rush Jet tells me this loser has been living in his own feces for years! Wouldn't surprise me one bit if he's having "oral" relations with a Arizona Coyote hating troll known as "MAKE IT TEN" at the link below:

You just don't know the shit I have to put up with, with that sorry excuse of a human being and Jacob Anderson who I'm also betting is the only reason a shithead like MegaPhilX is even around!

Point is, Mega Man Unlimited is crap, the Arizona Coyotes are staying and I hope MAKE IT TEN, Jacob Anderson and especially MegaPhilX are on the same small plane together with TONS of cargo on it! I'll let you figure out the rest.

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