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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Latest Purchases #65

I bought all this stuff within the span of few weeks. I just didn't feel like making multiple posts about all these things, so, here it is, all jumbled up in one.

The NES shirt was an unexpected surprise that I came across in Target when I purchased The Wonderful 101, which was lowered down to a price of $29.99. Said shirt was discounted to $9.95 compared to the original $19.99 price tag. It was also the very last one and in XL size. No way I was gonna pass that up. Back to The Wonderful 101, I've heard that no new copies are being manufactured so whatever copies are on the shelves now are the only physical ones out there. Another title by Platinum Games that sold like dirt. Such a pity. The Wonderful 101 is actually the very first game I picked up in 2014.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Man, that is one mouthful of a title. I'm a big fan of anime and Joe Hisashi's music and since this game looks to combine both of those, it seems like it'll be a match made in heaven. I didn't really think about getting this game until I saw under the Greatest Hits label. That's the good thing about jumping into the PS3 late in the game. A lot of the best titles are $20.

I've had my eye on Journey before I picked up my PS3. The box art of a long figured staring off at a mountain in the distance spoke to me, prompting me to do some research on the game. After getting my PS3 and hoping on the PSN, I saw the game was up for grabs digitally, which is fine and dandy, but I really wanted to get Journey The Collector's Edition, which includes Flow, Flower, three unreleased games and some nice bonus content like commentary, art work and soundtracks for all three games. This is one sweet little compilation release. For $20 on Amazon, I feel it was a better deal than picking up all three games on the PSN separately.

I played the 3DS version of Sonic Generations in 2012 and thought it was a nice game, but I'm defintiely digging the console version more. Everywhere I looked in stores I would see this game for $30, which I probably would have paid if I had a 360 but Amazon had the PS3 version for under $15.

The Spider-Man Vault is a book I lightly contemplated buying if I had more change. I may not be reading Spider-Man anymore, but he'll always be my favorite super hero and I welcome the chance to add some memorabilia of his to my collection. Barns & Nobles had a huge price cut on this thing that was originally $30 to $10. It's a lovely hardback binder book filled with all kinds of Spidey goodies like artwork, sketches and replicas of previously unreleased material.

Fun fact: at one point in my life, I wanted to be a cartoonist. To that end, I would look to FoxTrot as inspiration. That and it was a huge source of entertainment for me in my mid teen years. I haven't picked up a FoxTrot book in ages but I really liked the look of this The Best of FoxTrot book. It comes with a sturdy slipcase box for the two volume paperback books. Originally priced at $40, Barns & Nobles was selling it for $10. It's really hard to say no to those kinda bargains.There are comics from the early days as well as strips from the later years, each selected by Bill Amend himself with some commentary for insight.

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