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Monday, January 13, 2014

Favorite Tunes #80: Turn it Up! Get Down!

I don't have any particular theme of this edition of Favorite Tunes. These are some tracks that have been stuck in my head, so enjoy.

Athletic - Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

I've spent the past week playing through Super Mario 3D World and have been utterly amazed at how breathtakingly awesome this game is. This isn't just a good Mario game, it's an outstanding one and is well worth owning a Wii U for. Not only is the level design some of the best the Super Mario series has seen, but the music is just as grand. You've got some orchestral music, some happy-go-lucky tunes this series is famous for and now some jazz.

Stardust Speedway JP - Sonic CD (SCD)

By DarkBlur1234

Time travel, robotic rivals and pink hedgehogs that get kidnapped? It's time for me to mention Sonic CD in Favorite Tunes once again. Not even the screwy level design can keep Sonic CD from being one of my favorite Sonic games. Cosmetically speaking, Stardust Speedway is my favorite-looking level. I love the tall buildings, huge city lights in the background and what looks to be one long saxophone that serves as the ground for you to run on.

Light Groove - Ridge Racers (PSP)

The Ridge Racer games have always had exceptional music, usually focusing on techno and electronic beats, but every now and then they'll slip in a jazz beat of some kind and as a big fan of numerous forms of jazz, I never have a problem with that.

Max Man II - Streets of Rage Remake (PC)

The Streets of Rage Remake was a tribute to the classic SEGA Genesis beat 'em series. Sadly, the game was hit with a cease and desist by SEGA shortly after it's 2011 release. Arguably more famous than the beat 'em up gameplay of Streets of Rage are the soundtracks. Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima's compositions pushed the Genesis sound processor to new heights. The arrangements in the Streets or Rage Remake are just as dance and workout worthy as the originals.

Combat 5 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (PC, XBLA, PSN)

It's a well known fact that this game is a buggy, glitch filled disaster. The now defunct GamingFM website had a saying. "When the game sucks, the music is all you got." The rings ever so true in this case because Out of the Shadows soundtrack is amazing.

Lotus Hall - Tekken 3D Prime Edition (3DS)

Namco Bandai easily could have reused tracks from previous Tekken entries for this portable version of Tekken. Instead, they went the extra mile and had new music made. Sure, the selection of songs isn't anywhere near as large as Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but there are some solid tracks to be found. I was genuinely taken aback by just how good Lotus Hall is.

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