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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Downloads #27

It's the long awaited return of Downloads. OK, maybe it wasn't long awaited, but after being absent for so many months, I'm happy to have a downloads post once again. Since I just signed up for PlayStation Network, all of my new year's downloads come straight from Sony's digital service.

NiGHTS into dreams...

For the record, I do own a physical copy of NiGHTS into dreams... as well as Christmas NiGHTS and thanks to my Action Replay expansion cart, I can save games on my SEGA Saturn. Having said that, I was thrilled when I heard SEGA was giving the enhanced PS2 version of NiGHTS a digital release on the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade services. I had completely forgotten the game was up for grabs on the PSN until I saw it as I was browsing games to purchase. So in addition to a physical copy of NiGHTs, I now have a digital version with some bonus goods. Huzzah!

Sonic CD 

For years the only way for me to play Sonic CD on a console was to fire up the Sonic Gems Collection on my GameCube. The save feature started acting up, deleting my saved data and this discouraged me from playing the game to go for the good ending. So here I am with a digital version of Sonic CD and after spending some time with it, I firmly believe this is the definitive version of the game. The extras like trophies, Sonic 2 Spindash physics, and being able to play with both the Japanese and American soundtracks. Wacky Workbench, however, is still a highly frustrating zone.

Vagrant Story

Years ago when I worked at Toys 'R Us, I had a chance to pick up Vagrant Story for $20 and looking back, I wish I had. The store only had three copies left but I think I was preoccupied with other purchases. I've yet to see a complete physical copy of this game. I'd be a fool to pass this one up again, especially for $5.99.

Zanac X Zanac

I purchased the NES version of Zanac back in 2005 for a mere $2.99. It was a truly different breed of shooter that had a difficulty that adjusted to the player's rate of fire, skill level and weapon type. Some may call Zanac an acquired taste, but I quite like it.  I downloaded the NES version off the Virtual Console some time ago and I find myself getting into Zanac once more with Zanac X Zanac, a compilation release of the 2001 PlaySataion release. Zanac X Zanac contains two games, the three different version of the NES version of Zanac as well as Zanac Neo, which is an updated version of Zanac. I'd heard of this games years back but I was not expecting to see Zanac X Zanac on the PSN and at low price of $5.99 to boot.

Breath of Fire IV

What is it with me and passing on games? It seems to always come back to bite me later. This is another one of those games I didn't pick up when I had the chance and now it's mighty difficult to come across a complete copy. Capcom has a fair amount of fighting game content on the PSN, so it was really surprising to see the fourth entry in the Breath of Fire series up for digital grabs and at the steal price of $5.99.


Now this is a game that will set you back some change if you can find a complete copy. I can remember years back in Best Buy I would see this game selling for next to nothing at Best Buy. Now? Expect to pay over $100 for this sucker. I'll gladly take a digital version for $5.99, thanks.

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Adam said...

Yeah the only time I played Sonic CD was on Gems collection