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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Favorite Tunes #82: Tekken Edition

I've gushed over a few Tekken tracks here and there over the long course that Favorite Tunes has been going. Well now I'm really gonna gush over some Tekken beats because this installment is all about everyone's favorite 10-hit combo fighting series.

Paul Phoenix (PS Arrange) - Tekken 3 (PS)

Paul Phoenix has always been one of my favorite Tekken characters. To my surprise, it was revealed that Paul was one of Tekken's joke characters. I seldom enjoy playing as joke characters in fighting games but Paul always connected with me for some reason. In the first two Tekken games, Paul was in his 20s but by the time Tekken 3 rolled around, he was in his mid 40s and still busting heads. Respect. Double respect for always giving Paul awesome music themes.

For Hidden Characters - Tekken 3 (PS)

Tekken 3 marked a major shift in focus in the music department for the series. Some feel the audio peaked with Tekken 2 and that the electronic infused music the series opts for is a bit too much. As a huge fan of electronic music, I don't really mind it. Tekken 3 still had plenty of rock elements in it's soundtrack. I prefer the arcade version's one theme for hidden fighters over the PS version's individual hidden character themes.

Emotionless Passion (PS Arrange) - Tekken 2 (PS)

After defeating dear old dad in the first Tekken, Kazuya dropped his papi off a cliff. Needless to say, that really peeved the old man off because he climbed out of that cliff so he could have a go at ringing his son's neck. Kazuya's victory over his father promoted him to final boss status in Tekken 2. In the end, Heihachi bested his son and tossed him into a volcano. This didn't stop Kazuya from coming back to life. Moral of the story? If you toss someone off a cliff, you better make sure they can't climb back out.

The Headshaker (PS Arrange) - Tekken 2 (PS)

Without a doubt one of the coolest-looking swordsmen in all of gaming, Yoshimitsu's appearance changes with each Tekken game. He actually sports far less details in Tekken 2 than he does in later releases. While I don't take any issues with his subsequent designs, I really dig his Tekken 2 look. His theme music is also one sick beat, build up, main course, everything.

Moonlit Wilderness - Tekken 5 (ARC, PS2)

When Tekken 5 was released, one of my friend's favorite levels to play was Moonlit Wilderness. The stage us set among a gorgeous field of flows with the full moon glowing bright. It was some eye candy setting for sure, but the music really helped complete that stage.

Dragon's Nest - Tekken 5 (ARC, PS2)

Moonlite Wilderness was an awesome-looking stage with awe-inducing music. Dragon's Nest was another one of my favorite places to fight in Tekken 5 for the stone dragon statues and the pounding beat. I always associated Raven with this level for some odd reason.

Opening Movie - Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2)

When Tekken Tag Tournament was brought to the PS2, it was given a major visual overhaul. There were extra modes like the strangely addictive Tekken Bowling and the game also recieved a spiffy new opening cut scene, complete with this killer piano piece.

Nina - Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2 ver.)

Arriving late to the party as ever, Tekken Tag Tournament marked the first time I ever played a tag battle fighting game. I was particularly glad to see every the cast from all three Tekken games present (sans Gon). It also has one of my favorite Tekken soundtracks, the PS2 version in particular. Nina's theme is very electrifying, filled with so much energy.

Aim to Win (Character Select) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3, 360, Wii U)

Tekken 2 had some great fighter select music as did the original Tekken Tag Tournament. Killer character select themes for the Tekken series came back with a vengeance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Night Falls (Ending) - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3, 360, Wii U)

The music in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is very aggressive. So after all the kicks, punches, throws and bloodshed, it's nice to hear a relaxing, mellow theme.

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