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Monday, January 9, 2017

Songs to Smash By Part 1

Before Super Smash Bros. released on the 3DS and Wii U, I did a recurring feature on the blog where I talked about songs I'd like to see in those games. I've chosen to resurrect that feature. Nintendo releases a Super Smash Bros. title every console generation and rumors are all over the place about a new Smash entry or a port of the Wii U title for the Switch. Whenever and wherever the new Smash title hits, these are tracks I'd like to get my Smash on to.

For Kirby Stages

Kirby got some nice arrangements in 3DS and Wii U Smash, but some of the best songs from Return to Dream Land were shockingly left out. I mean, how you you not include battle ready beats like Under My Control and C-R-O-W-N-E-D? That's just not right. Kirby: Planet Robbot has some outstanding original music and I can only hope that Lovely Yellow Va-Va-Vrooms, Dried -up Sea and White Office March make the game.

For Pac-Man

The cherry-chasing-dot-muncher not only served as a representative of his own series, but Bandai Namco games as a whole. I was quite pleased with his selection of music in Smash 4 but I'd love to see more games get represented. Ridge Racer's original Ridge Racer theme is so bouncy and cheerful that it would fight right at home in a Pac-Man stage. Over the Highway from Ridge Racer Revolution is another high energy track and Pac-Man could sure use a track like Maximum Zone if only for it being so unexpected. Klonoa definitely needs some love and if only one track from the first game makes it, it would have to be the excellent The Windmill Song. I would turn that sucker all the way up in My Music. Tekken beats are always hot and with seven main games and a few spin off titles, there's a lot to choose from. I adore Tekken 2's PlayStation soundtrack and Morning Field is just gorgeous. To give Waka Waka another adrenaline filled track , Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Nina can't be beat. I'm really hoping Pac-Man returns for another round of Smash.

For Mega Man

The Blue Bomber was treated rather well in Smash, especially in terms of music. If one theme from the Game Boy is in need of more appreciation it has got to be the Final Battle theme from Mega Man IV. That is GB rock at its finest. Dr. Wily Stage Boss from Mega Man 7 has always been one of my absolute favorite boss themes from the entire Mega Man franchise and I would love to launch opponents off the stage to it. Breaking away from the Classic series, if any music from the X games gets included, we've gotta go with the Opening Stage from Mega Man X as well as Armored Armadillo Stage. Show me a gamer that wouldn't want to have listen to Blaze Heatnix Stage from Mega Man X6 while playing Smash and I'll show you a liar. Blazing Internet from Mega Man: Network Transmission is grade A smashing material. Like Pac-Man, I so want the Blue Bomber to show up for the next Smash game.

For Donkey Kong Stages

Jungle Japes is a fantastic Donkey Kong Country song. Having said that, there were way too many remixes of it in Smash Wii U. I mean, there are tons of other themes to choose from like Fear Factory from the original Donkey Kong Country. Angry Aztec from Donkey Kong 64 would be one of my most frequently heard songs if it were included in a Smash. And what about the awesome soundtrack from Diddy Kong Racing? The fact that tracks like Ancient Lake or Pirate Lagoon or really any music from that much loved game has not been included is just criminal. Lest we not forget the amazing music from Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, which had some excellent ambitent music and jungle themes, but also some killer rock and metal tracks. After seeing the full song lists for both Donkey Kong stages in Smash, I was very disappointed that Pompy, the Presumptions and Bashmaster, the Unbreakable were left out. This needs to be fixed for the new Smash.

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