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Friday, January 27, 2017

Clockwork: A Chrono Trigger & Cross Tribute Album

Life is a journey of discovery. Discovering new friends, new interest. That feeling of intrigue when you come across a band of video game musicians you've never heard before. That happened to me the other night when I stumbled upon the Pixel Mixers. They've got a few albums out but what I've heard of the first album I found, Clockwork: A Chrono Trigger & Cross Tribute Album was enough to  make me fast fan of their work.

Clockwork is a digital three disc album covering songs from both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, two games that have some of the best dang video game music in the medium. What I love about this album aside from the fact that it covers music from both games, is how varied the music is. Clockwork has acoustic, rock, metal, jazz, synth and numerous other arrangements across the three discs. And it is really freaking good, too! The original melody of the songs cover is never lost even when these guys are putting their own spin on another person's work.

Clockwork originally released in May of 2016 and I'm kicking myself for not knowing of it a lot sooner. The album is free and it has also been uploaded to the group's YouTube page. Whether you decide to download it or listen to it off YouTube, Clockwork is worth checking out either way.

Clockwork: A Chrono Trigger & Cross Tribute Album

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