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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Favorite Tunes #170: 2017 is Here

2017 is upon us. I'm going to be getting a PS4 soon and I'm really looking forward to Nintendo has in store for us with the Switch. I'm also excited about the all the great soundtracks that are sure to accompany this year's games. Let the first Favorite Tunes of 2017 commence!

Beyond the Speed Of... - Sonic Runners (Mobile)

Sonic Runners may be no more, but at least you can still enjoy the game's highly energetic soundtrack. Tomoya Ohtani has been scoring music in Sonic games for years and I've yet to be letdown by his work. He could have easily phoned in the soundtrack for Sonic Runners since it was on a mobile, but he gave us music that is on par with the bigger budget Sonic titles.

Battle Theme arrange from FINAL FANTASY X - Dissidia Final Fantasy (AC)

The third game in the line of Dissidia Final Fantasy titles, this is the first entry to debut in arcades. Perhaps it is for this reason that the music has plenty, electronica, rock and metal. That may be to this dislike of fans that prefer more orchestral Final Fantasy music, but I found myself liking the music from this one quite a bit. This metalized version of Final Fantasy X's Normal Battle theme is freaking sick.

Relax and Reflect - Final Fantasy XV (PS4, XBO)

In development since 2006, Final Fantasy XV, at long last released in 2016. Nobuo Uematsu hasn't been the sole composer of a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy IX and while I do miss his compositions, Square Enix has found admirable replacements for him. Yoko Shimomura is the primary composer for Final Fantasy XV and you can spot her Kingdom Hearts style of music in a lot of this game's tracks.

Select Theme - Ice Hockey (NES)

The NES had a few early sports titles like Tennis and Baseball. Both of those games were butt, if you were wondering, but Ice Hockey, which debuted in the late 1980s was pretty ace and I'm completely baffled that it was not included on the NES Classic Edition. The game's music was written by the great Soyo Oka, who would later go on to compose music for Pilotwings and Super Mario Kart.

Ship - Final Fantasy (NES)

Yes, I know I'm giving Final Fantasy a lot of love in this week's Favorite Tunes, but during the planning stages of this one, I already had this track listed as one of my pick's before Dissidia Final Fantasy became a part of it. This is the final Final Fantasy tune this week. Beat up a gang of pirates in the second town you explore and you'll be rewarded with your first mode of transportation, a pirate ship, letting you sail the seasons. It doesn't protect you from random battles, but more of the world is opened up to you as is this super peppy theme.

White Office March - Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS)

Of the two Kirby games to release on the 3DS, Planet Robobot is easily my favorite. The Robot Armor Kirby can access has the ability to scan foes, mimicking Kirby's Copy ability, albeit on a bigger scale. Planet Robot also has some pretty rad music. I'm really hoping this dub-step style track makes it into the next Super Smash Bros.

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