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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Top 5 Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

Despite the concerns I have have for the Nintendo Switch, I am very much excited for the system. I want Nintendo's new system to be a success, enjoyed by a much broader audience than what the Wii U had. Now anyone that knows about video games knows that it is the games that make the system.

05. Fire Emblem Warriors

Hyrule Warriors allowed players to battle it out Dynasty Warriors style as their favorite Zelda characters. Fire Emblem Warriors is set to give players similar treatment. With such a rich and diverse cast of Fire Emblem stars, giving Nintendo's strategy game the Dynasty Warriors treatment seems quite natural. There's even a 3DS version in the works for those that want to slash armies up on the go! I cannot wait to fight for my friends with sick Fire Emblem rock tunes.

04. ARMS

Hey, look! A new IP from Nintendo! They never put those out. All sarcasm aside, ARMS intrigues me with its cartoonish character designs and Stretch Armstrong-like boxing. the 411 on ARMS is completely known, but what the reveal trailer along with what was shown was enough to whet my appetite for more. I know what some of you are thinking. "Great, another waggle fest Nintendo title." While you can use the Joy-Cons to throw and control your punches, ARMS does support standard controls for those that don't like to fling their arms (pun not intended) about.

03. Super Bomberman R

In the words of Mad Stan, "Blow it up! Blow it all up!" When Konami basically gave console gaming a giant middle finger to go frolic in mobile and pachinko slot land, the last thing we expected from them was a Bomberman game and on a console, no less. What's more, Konami got members from Hudson that worked on previous Bomberman titles to bring us Super Bomberman R, the first Bomberman game in seven years. After getting way too dark and edgy for his own good in Bomberman: Act Zero, Bomberman has returned to being cute as a button and most importantly, making stuff blow up. The single player mode can be enjoyed with a friend, but the real reason anyone is going to be grabbing Super Bomberman R is for one reason: multiplayer. Up to eight players can nuke each other to kingdom come either locally or online. If you think Splatoon and Mario Kart brings the salt, you haven't seen anything yet. Just try not to accidentally kill yourself with your own bombs. It happens more often than people would like to admit.

02. Splatoon 2

The original Splatoon is one of my favorite games of the eighth generation of consoles and one that I still play frequently. There is also the matter of it earning Nintendo a sizable chunk of change, becoming the company's most popular new IP since Wii Sports. Not too surprising to find that Nintendo has been hard at work on a sequel. Splatoon 2 will boast new maps, new hairstyles, and new weapons, some with new techniques and maneuvers to help you evade campers or get the jump on your enemies. Of course older maps from the original Splatoon will return along with all the old weapons. The core gameplay of covering turf remains as does swimming and hiding in your own ink. It doesn't get a lot of mention, but the first Splatoon also did have a pretty fun solo player campaign to go through when you weren't inking it out in four on four online matches so I'm hoping Nintendo improves upon that in Splatoon 2 as they work on making multiplayer even better.

01. Super Mario Odyssey 

When Mario popped out of that sewer and starting running around totally-not-New-York-City, my jaw hit the floor. Never before had we seen Mario in such a setting, but he romped through it as if it were the Mushroom Kingdom, leaping off buildings, bouncing from taxis and just having a grand old time. Mario also ran through forests, deserts and some vegetable like world where he could lift turnips, something we haven't seen him do since Super Mario Bros. 2. All the while Mario looked darn good doing it. I mean, Mario's hair and overalls have never looked this good! Say what you want about the Switch being under powered compared to the PS4 and XBO, but Nintendo knows how to make their games look freaking great regardless of the tech under the hood. Mario's hate seems to be a sentient being and he can even toss it at enemies and use it as an extra platform to jump from. And is Bowser finally going to claim Peach for his own? The worlds look possitively massive and super fun to explore, making Super Mario Odyssey my number one most anticipated Nintendo Switch title.

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