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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nintendo Switch Rumor Burnout

Oh, man, is it January 12th, yet? Well according to the date this editorial went up, the answer is a big, fat, resounding, "MMMMNOPE!" Why do I want January 12th to get here? Because that's the day Nintendo holds their Nintendo Switch event, something that I (really, really, reeeeaaaallly) hope will put an end to these freaking Switch rumors.

You cannot take one step without tripping over a plethora of rumors regarding Nintendo's new console. Super Smash Bros. is a launch title! It has more power than the PS4 and Xbox One! It makes your breakfast and cleans your apartment while you're at work and if you get sick of working, it goes to work for you and then realizes that it is better than you in every single way possible and joins in with other Nintendo Switches and takes over the world! OK, so that isn't true, but that's just how simple it is to make up a Switch rumor.

We know what the Switch looks like. We know it will release this year. We know it has some sizable third part support. Now what do we know beyond that? Nothing.

The problem with all these Switch rumors is that, aside from them being all over the place with various fansites and *ahem* professional gaming news sites running them, is that they are just that, rumors. They hold no truth to them whatsoever. Until proven otherwise rumors are false information and I am very much sick to death of all of these dang Switch rumors.

All of the outlets reporting on these Switch rumors could hold off and do a little more investigating to find out what's up. But hey, if they did that, they wouldn't get all that web traffic because in case you haven't heard, Switch rumors are highly trending these days. In other words, easy click bait.

Until Nintendo comes out and gives us the 411 on the Nintendo Switch, none of these rumors can nor should they be taken seriously. While Nintendo's Switch presentation on the 12th probably won't kill off all Switch rumors, I'm hoping it dials things back considerably.

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