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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Favorite Tunes #180: Let's Assault the Base to Happy Music

Welp. April is here the weather is being extremely bipolar and Breath of the Wild is still being heavily played by myself and many, many others. For this week's Favorite Tunes, there's music from said game, Final Fantasy II and Splatoon 2 among the lot.

Inkoming - Splatoon 2 (NS)

The music played during Splatoon 2 reveal trailer back in January. You've probably heard it a lot if you took part in the Splatoon 2 global test fire in March or if you checked out some of your favorite YouTubers that  participated. This is already becoming a huge fan favorite track.

Waterblight Ganon Battle - The Legend of Zlda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U, NS)

I went for my first Divine Beast earlier this week, Ruta. I knew going in that it would be a dungeon but moving the trunk to control water and being able to walk on the trunk? I was not expecting that. This kind of interaction has me stoked to checkout the other Divine Beasts. Waterblight Ganon wasn't tough for me since I had a ton of food, good armor and arrows for days but the fight was really fun and the music was amazing. I can only hope the other Divine Beasts have tracks this good if not better.

Dungeon - Final Fantasy II (PS)

Largely viewed as a misstep for the series, Final Fantasy II still introdcued quite a few series staples like a Cid, chocobobs as well as being more plot driven. Nobuo Uematsu wrote the original score for the NES game but Tsuyoshi Sekito arranged his music for the PS version of FFII. I really love his arrangements of Uematsu's music. Those horns and drums really make this track for me.

C. Viper Theme - Street Fighter X Mega Man (PC)

The fan game turned official product, Street Fighter X Mega Man was released as a free download on Mega Man's 25th anniversary back in 2012. The game pit Mega Man against various members of the Street Fighter crew as well as blending the music together from both franchises. This theme is a very cool mix of Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2 and C. Viper's beat from Street Fighter IV. I prefer this over her original theme.

Hill of Fate - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES)

Mystic Quest may be mocked among RPG fans for it's brain dead simplicity but dang if the music is not spectacular. It has beautiful, calming, ambient tracks, rock music and intense battle themes. Mystic Quest itself isn't really a bad game either but if you sample anything from it, at least check out the soundtrack.

Mechanical Base - Gradius III (SNES)

Gradius pops up in Favorite Tunes again? OK, I'll level with you. My Gradius playlist has been getting the most attention over the past few weeks and that's why a lot music has been showing up from the series. I can't promise to tone it down anytime soon so we'll just have to see. Anyway, this highly upbeat theme may seem inappropriate fort a base assault but Gradius thrives on peppy music.

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