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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Favorite Tunes #179: Mostly Old School Saturday

The music in this week's Favorite Tunes is mostly comprised of jams from older titles. I hope isn't too much of a bummer because as much as I love modern gaming music, the old stuff is still pretty ace to me.

Fortress - Gradius II (NES)

A physical copy of Gradius II on the NES is painfully expensive so I'm hoping Konami gets off their can and gives this version a digital re-release someday. Gradius II was a step up from the original NES Gradius, letting you use all four options in addition to being visually impressive. This version of Gradius II also had some tracks that were not in the arcade version. If you watched Captain N: The Game Master, I'm sure this track will sound awfully familiar to you.

Hooked - Splatoon (Wii U)

Did you take part in the global test fire for Splatoon 2 last week? Even if I did have a Switch I'm not sure I would have participated because I want to come in to Splatoon 2 fresh and Breath of the Wild is taking over my life. I did watch some YouTube videos of the test fire and of course it looks like a blast to play and the music sounds very clean. I cannot wait to hear more of it and I home will get more crazy piano jams.

Area 1 - Blaster Master (NES)

Whenever I hear this theme start, up I can always see Sophia flooring out of that cave in the intro and it gets me so freaking pumped. This is a theme of adventure! Really freaking hard, brutal adventure, but adventure, nonetheless.

Ending - The Legend of Zelda (NES)

If you've died in the original Legend of Zelda (I died A LOT) then the first few notes of the game's ending theme will no doubt ring a tune of familiarity. The remainder of the song is super freaking catchy.

Battle in the Dense Forest - Contra (ARC)

Most of my time spent with the first Cotnra is the NES version. Even so, I do enjoy the arcade game and while I lean more towards the NES soundtrack, I really love the synth of the arcade music. The classic jungle/forest theme sounds spectacular as ever.

Stage 1 - Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose (SNES)

Tiny Toons was one of my favorite cartoons growing up so of course I was stoked to play the SNES title, Buster Busts Loose. The game did not disappoint, using a fun dash mechanic to run up walls. The game captured a lot of the feel of the '90s shows and thee music was full of classical themes as well as those lifted from the show.

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