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Friday, April 28, 2017

Game Over Part 5

Two words that signify that you're a failure at video games and should pick up a hobby where you won't suck so much. Welcome to Game Over, an on-going feature where we take a look at the numerous screens that show you've reached the end of the line. You might find some of these to be humorous while others can be quite unsettling.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U, NS)

Your first few hours/days of playing Breath of the Wild will have this screen staring back at you quite frequently. Being an open world game that does not hold your hand, it is quite easy to wander into an area with enemies far out of the range of your current abilities and get curb stomped. Even early enemies in the game are packing weapons strong enough to one-shot you. When you die in Breath of the Wild, you get some obligatory sad game over jingle, but depending on how you died, the game over screen will differ. If you freeze to death or drown, the words "Game Over" are blue. Death via a lightning strike? Those two famous words will be yellow. These changes might be few but they do add some spice to your death.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (NS, PS4, XBO, PC)

A remake of the Sega Master System's Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, outside of the spruced up hand drawn HD visuals, this game over screen is more or less just like the 8-bit version. Being an a remake of a very old, difficult game, it was nice of the developers to throw you a bone. Every time you die you have a chance to win a blue potion at the game over screen. If it lands on a red heart, the potion is your. What is a blue potion? Think of it as a fairy from the Legend of Zelda games: auto resurrect when you kick the bucket.

The Adventures of Bayou Bill (NES)

I actually used to own this game. It was freaking brutal. When Billy inevitably gets the crap beaten out of him and you don't continue, you get a pretty powerful image of the titular hero reaching out in desperation. Sorry, Billy but your game is just too much butt cheeks for me to keep pressing on. But I gotta admit, that game over jingle is pretty sick. Also, Billy's death cry amuses me. Hear it for yourself.

Sega Rally 2 Championship (ARC)

I would love to be a fly on the wall at the SEGA offices to see how they came up with this one. I mean, "GAME OVER, YEAAAAAHHHH!!!" It is impossible to put into words just how amazingly awesome that is! It was first used in the original Sega Rally but the one from Sega Rally 2 sounds better.

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