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Thursday, April 13, 2017

NES Classic Edition: Discontinued

The NES Classic Edition, a spiffy miniature edition of the Nintendo Entertainment System with 30 built in games that was originally released in November of 2016 has been notoriously difficult to come by. Nintendo suplied retailers with very small amounts of units and scalpers were all to quick to capitalize on  this, pick them up and try to resell them at dozens of times over the original $60 price tag. Scoring a NES Classic is going to get a lot more difficult because at the end of this month, the system will be discontinued. 

I'm puzzled as to why Nintendo would pull the plug on the NES Classic Edition so early. It isn't like demand for the thing dropped. Yes, Nintendo wants to go full throttle with the Switch but there is still plenty of people out there, hardcore and casual alike that would love to get one of these things.

I bought a Japanese version of the NES Classic Edition, the Famicom Mini, with no hassle off of Amazon for a reasonable price back in February and about a week ago, I got my local GameStop's only unit they received in months when I went in there to pick up some Legend of Zelda amiibos. I didn't plan on purchasing it because I had no idea they would even have one in stock. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Best of luck to anyone that is still trying to find one of these elusive little machines.

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