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Monday, December 16, 2013

I Need Some Animal Crossing Toys in My Life

So all the time I spent playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it finally occurred to me: I could really use some Animal Crossing toys, especially of the plus variety. I'm actually surprised it took so long for this to dawn on me. I've got Mario, plush toys, Sonic plush toys and even a Toon Link plushie, but not a single one for Animal Crossing, a series that is chalk full of fuzzy animals. Of course me being me, I was completely oblivious to the fact that there have been Animal Crossing plushies since Wild World, the one Animal Crossing game, I've never played.

Thankfully there are plushies for New Leaf, made by Sanei. Unfortunately, these plushies are not available in the states, which is rather baffling considering the popularity of the Animal Crossing series. I can walk into a store and pick up a Mario, Sonic or Pokemon plush toy no problem, but Animal Crossing? No go. Well, I'm an avid fan of shopping online and much of the New Leaf plushies an be purchased on Amazon. I'm pleased to see DJ K.K, Kicks, Porter and Isabelle are part of the set as well as Reese and Mr. Resetti. I'll get all of those for sure. The only reason I'd get Tom Nook is to strangle him whenever he screws me over in the next Animal Crossing game or if I really feel the need to complete this set. I'm a bit bummed that a lot of animals from New Leaf aren't included. I think everyone would love to see Marshall, but with as many animals that are in New Leaf,  maybe they'll release a second set.

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