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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game Art #23: Mario Gallery

Still doing late celebrations for Mario's 30th birthday. The last Game Art that showcased Mario was so huge that I wasn't sure if it was wise to place 67 pictures in one post. So consider this post the second half of that showcase. I know the Game Art posts seem to get more and more art in them, but as an art lover, I really can't help it. Do you think I'm putting too many pics in one post? Let me know. Anyway, enjoy.

By Andry Rajolina
By einen
By kajnok
By ChemicalAlia
By bunnypistol69
By E-Mann
By ChetRippo
Unknown Artist
By AndrewDickman
By Ken Wong
By belldandies
By Scott Warren
By tinycityblogspot
By comet
By AndrewDickman
By Odewill
By SuperCatrina
By SelanPike
By doctorWalui
By MKDrawings
By PanzerBanana
By silverava and super-tuler
By Yamoshi
By LordDonovan
By shinbainu-samurai
By crashtesterX
By oh8
By kevinbolk
By Robaato
By TheBourgyman

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