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Saturday, July 7, 2012

25 Years of "Metal Gear?!": Favorite Weapons

When you first begin your mission in any Metal Gear game, all you have is your codec and the clothes on your back. What kinda peons would have you infiltrate a heavily armed bass with no weapons? The kind that think you're so skilled that you'll just take whatever you can find. You may have to stoop to being a kleptomaniac, but doing so lets you amass some heavy duty firepower.

Survival Knife 

A knife listed as a favorite weapon? Surely you jest. While I usually prefer guns over blades, Metal Gear Solid 3 taught me the joys of knifing people. It is oh so fun sneaking up on a guard and slitting his throat. Have you shown your Survival Knife any love lately? Give a hoot. Take out that knife and stab a mook.


This puppy making the list probably has to do with how often I've used it. In both Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, the SOCOM ended up being one of my most used weapons even after I got my hands on bigger guns. The laser sight is great for aiming and being able to equip it with a silencer just seals the deal.


Launching missiles is fun but being able to control the missiles? That's even better. The Nikita was a much needed weapon to have in your inventory to destroy the control panel that was keep the electrified floor active, which prevented Snake from reaching Octocon. It also made the boss fight against Sniper Wolf a complete joke.

Chaff Grenade 

This things are great for disabling those pesky security cameras or in boss fights against those that can lock on to you. It may screw up your own radar but since the bad guys can't track you, I view it as a fair trade.

Modded M9 

Killing flunkies is fun but sometimes dead bodies can make things complicated and just bring more attention your way. The Modded M9 is a great alternative for getting enemies out of your hair without killing them.


Each Genome Soldier is equipped with this weapon in Metal Gear Solid. It feels pretty nice to have them be on the recieving end of the fire when Snake gets one of these. It makes the blood flow rather quickly, which is probably why it eats a clip of ammo so fast.


You can't not love these things. It's a rocket launcher. It gets to be here for that reason alone.


The odds are always against you in the world of Metal Gear but when it comes down to you vs. a Hind D or a Harrier, you're gonna need a lot more than handgun. The Stinger is your best friend for these occasions.

EZ Gun 

The EZ Gun is essentially the M9 with unlimited ammo. How you acquire it depends on which Metal Gear you're playing. If you want to keep the body count low, this is a great weapon to have.


Finish Metal Gear Solid 3 and this baby is all yours. It isn't super accurate but the infinite ammo makes up for that.

High-Frequency Blade 

You couldn't just mash the button and expect to be awesome with this blade. Finesse was required to make precise sword strikes that could deflect bullets. After seeing others such as Grey Fox and Olga use this thing, it was nice to be able to play with it in Metal Gear Solid 2.


Close combat can be fun but when you got make the blood pour from a distant, a good old fashioned sniper rifle can't be beat. Even better, these things can be equipped with a silencer. If you're feeling especially sadistic, you can kill some pigeons. You sick freak.

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