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Friday, July 13, 2012

Latest Purchases #31

I ordered this on July 3 and didn't think it would come in the mail until a week later due to the 4th of July holiday. Much to my surprise, it arrived on Saturday. Sometimes standard shipping really is the best.

Being on the big Sonic kick that I am lately and thinking on my favorite Sonic games, I turned on the Dreamcast and popped in Sonic Adventure, a game I had not played since the summer of 2001. I had fond memories of that game and I was curious to see if I'd still viewed the game in the light now as I did then. Though I only played half way through as Sonic, the game was just as fun for me as it was nearly ten years ago.

One thing that bugged me is that my VMU memory unit data that I had for Sonic Adventure was completely gone. Which probably means all my other Dreamcast saved game data is also erased. I think I read in an issue of Retro Gamer that Sega used the same memory type storage for VMUs that they did for the Saturn, and the battery for that thing died out eons ago but thanks to an Action Replay that also works as a 4MB expansion, saving Saturn games is no longer a problem.

I never did get into Chao raising and wanting to preserve saved data for Sonic Adventure, I figured I may as well hunt down a copy of Sonic Adventure DX on the GameCube. Checking out Amazon, I was able to find a complete copy in very good condition. The GCN version does look sharper than the DC original but the game's framerate dips at times. I'm aware that it can be even more buggy the DC version but I've yet to encounter any major problems. It's really nice to explore Station Square and not have the theme music stop and start up again every time I enter a different area. That got on my nerves when I was replaying the DC version.

I have a ton of other games I'm working on. I still have reviews I need to post but I do plan to run through the GCN version of Sonic Adventure with all the characters. Yes, including Big the Cat, who I spent about 5 minutes playing as in the DC version years ago before I gave up. I'll probably get Sonic Adventure 2: Battle sometime soon. I once had that game but it got lost somehow. Strange since I never lose my games.

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