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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Favorite Tunes #46: OutRun Edition

SEGA's classic arcade racing game, OutRun turned 25 years old in 2011 and I was completely unaware of it's anniversary. I feel like a total chump because I've been a big fan of OutRun since I picked up the updated OutRun 2, OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast back in 2006. OutRun has some of the most impressive video game tunes on the planet and I'd rank it right up there with Mega Man beats. Yes, I love OutRun music that much. Enjoy various renditions of classic OutRun themes.

Passing Breeze - OutRun (ARC, SAT)

One of my good friends says Magical Sound Shower is the best song in the original OutRun. Eh, it's good, but I have to give the edge to Passing Breeze. It's the perfect audio embodiment of pleasure driving, sounding oh-so peaceful.

Magical Sound Shower (1993) - OutRunners (ARC)

No disrespect to Hiro (the composer of the original OutRun's score) but Takenobu Mitsuyoshi's arrangement of Magical Sound Shower is, in my humble opinion, heads and shoulders above the original. I love the faster pace and the overall more wild nature of this version.

Step on Beat - OutRun (GEN)

While it may not be the best home port, the Genesis version of OutRun did a more than admirable job of emulating the music from the arcade version. Not only that, but this version got it's own original, exclusive track, Step on Beat. Why on Earth this song wasn't included in OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, I'll never know.

Rush a Difficulty - Turbo OutRun (ARC)

Released in arcades in 1989, Turbo OutRun could considered the first true OutRun sequel, even though OutRun 2 would release more than a decade later in 2003. Turbo OutRun added a checkpoint system, road obstacles but it was vastly different from the original OutRun, containing no forks in the road, which was probably a sore point for many fans of the first game. But like any good OutRun game, Turbo OutRan had a catchy soundtrack. All of the music from Turbo OutRun was included in OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast and I gotta say, it is so much fun thrown your car around those curves with this jam playing.

Who Are You - Turbo OutRun (FM-Towns)

I think this may be the first time I've ever mentioned the FM-Towns system on this blog. I've never owned or played one, but I can remember reading up on it in an article of Retro Gamer. Anyway, Turbo OutRun was ported to the console and it was given some arranged music. This version of Who Are You is quite different from the original, with numerous samples thrown even, one even being a burp among all things.

Splash Wave J Arrange Ver. - OutRun 2 SP(ARC)

The SP stands for Special. An upgraded version of OutRun 2, this game featured 15 new courses, the music from the original OutRun, Turbo OutRun and OutRun 2 as well as some sick new arrangements. You're probably thinking this arranged version of Splash Wave sounds like it belongs in a Sonic game and that's because Jun Senoue arranged this piece. His distinctive guitar skills are easy to spot. OutRun 2 SP's new content would appear in 2006's OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast.

Speed King - OutRunners (ARC)

OutRunners had some outstanding arrangements of the original OutRun themes, but the new music composed for OutRunners is definitely worth talking about. I'm positively baffled as to why none of OutRunners music was included in Coast 2 Coast. It's a crime, really.

Risky Ride - OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (PS2, XB)

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a tune to drive to in OutRun 2006. You've got the original OutRun music, Turbo OutRun tunes, OutRun 2 beats and a ton of remixes. Risky Ride is one of the newer tracks made for OutRun 2.

Night Flight - OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (PS2, XB)

The lyrics may be awful, but hey, I love Sonic R's soundtrack, so the words to Night Flight don't bother me one bit. Composed by Fumi Itoh with vocals by Brenda Vaughn, Night Flight is generally the vocal track I always pick when I play Coast 2 Coast. Brenda's voice is amazing and the guitar work here is brilliant.

Passing Breeze 1996 Arrange ver. - Sega Ages: OutRun (SAT)

As if an arcade perfect version of OutRun for the Saturn wasn't good enough, the game included some excellent arrangements of the original OutRun music. The arrangements were handled by none other than the original OutRun music composer, Hiro. Initially released as a standalone title only in Japan, OutRun was included along with Space Harrier, and After Burner II under the Sega Ages label for the Saturn and released in America and Europe.

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