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Friday, October 5, 2012

Currently Playing #2

For the record, I'm still playing Kirby's Dream Collection, Mario Kart 7 and New Super Mario Bros. 2 (which I finished last night, now going for the extra words and hidden levels). These are the games I'm playing in addition to the aforementioned.

Rayman Origins

I started this game months ago and I feel in love with it's level design, spectacular visuals and quirky soundtrack. In a generation that is over saturated with FPS, it pleases me that one of my favorite genres, platforming was shown a lot of love. Rayman Origins is not only one of the best platformers to come out this generation, it's one of the best games to come out this gen. I stopped playing Origins because I got sidetracked by other games but thought I'd get back into it and I just finished it up. I'm glad you have infinite lives because Origins is not an easy game. Jumps must be made accordingly. Many sections require you to be quick or be dead. This was the case during the end boss section where I had to chase him down through a brutal auto scrolling section. Just thinking about the last few levels prior to the final boss make me shudder. But this is hands down my favorite game in the Rayman series. It's dirt cheap on every system and even on the Wii, it looks jaw dropping.

Kirby Mass Attack

Nintendo has been kind to Kirby this generation. Three original Kirby games on the DS, one enhanced port of Kirby Super Star on the DS, two great platformers on the Wii and a well-thought out 20th anniversary compilation game pack in Kirby's Dream Collection. Suffice to say, if you're a Kirby fan, you're probably as jolly a fellow as Kirby is. One of the three original games on the DS that I'm playing through is Kirby Mass Attack. Controls are totally dependent upon the stylus and for the most part, they work great. These are some of the best touch controls seen on the DS and reminds me why the DS has two screens in the first place. I'm nearly finished with the game but the game had the gull to pull some collect-more-rainbow-medals-to-reach-the-last-area crap. I've already collected well over 100 medals and now the game tells me I have to get a specific kind in order to finish? Lame.

Mass Attack also has some mini games that are just as distracting as the ones found in early Super Monkey Ball entries. Strato Patrol EOS seems to be a homage to the Twinbee games. I'd read about this particular mini game prior to buying Mass Attack and it was one I was itching to play. I know I complained about finding medals above but the mini games in Mass Attack make you want to seek them out. Not sure if I'll still go for 100% completion, though.

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dste said...

That was very annoying with getting near the end of Kirby to find that you needed the rainbow coins.

On the other hand though it meant that I got to go back and play some really enjoyable levels.