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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project

Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project is a fan made album for a Mega Man game that does not exist. I want Mega Man 11 (and X9 for that matter) as much as the next guy/gal, but it just isn't in the cards right now. But just because this is a fan project doesn't mean you shouldn't have any interest in it. This is a wonderful tribute piece put together by music lover and Mega Man fanatic Xavier "mv" Dang in honor of the Blue Bomber's upcoming 25th anniversary.

Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project contains 24 chiptune inspired Mega Man tracks and 5 arranged bonus tracks. Tracks are named in similar fashion to the track names of the robot masters from Mega Man 9-10. To help give the soundtrack a touch more of flavor, Xavier even asked artists to give the robot masters designs, which are some of the bonuses you'll get if you download this free soundtrack. That's right, it doesn't cost you a thing. It's a name your own price type of download.

Xavier certainly has an ear for chiptunes and Mega Man music. Many of these tracks sound like they'd be right at home in an actual Mega Man game. I quite like Changing Card (Card Man Stage), Sound Wave (Sound Man Stage), and Worm Hole (Worm Man Stage) themes. War Field (Dr. Wily Stage 1) is superbly written Dr. Wily stage theme and one that I can easily picture Mega Man tackling the mad doctor's stages to.

This is an ambitious project and it's crystal clear that a lot of effort went into it. Do some of the robot master designs look silly. Certainly but plenty of official robot masters are oddballs (Wood Man, Bubble Man, Top Man, Jewel Man to name a few). Besides, I think it's great that they were even given designs to begin with. And since the music is so good, I really can't harp too badly on some screwy designs. If you're a chiptune lover or a Mega Man fan, you gotta check this album out.

Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project

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