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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man Original Soundtrack

One of the best things about a Mega Man game, be it the Classic, X, or Battle Network series has always been the delicious music. While Street Fighter X Mega Man may have been developed by a fan, it turned out to be a pretty sweet game and like the official titles, the music is a large part of it's charm. Composed by A_Rival, Street Fighter X Mega Man's music is a wonderful chiptune blend of some of the most memorable themes in gaming.

Everyone that's played Street Fighter has heard Ryu's legendary theme or has hummed along to Chun Li's stage tune while slapping around some chump. Street Fighter music has been arranged and remixed countless times and while there have been 8-bit versions of these themes, they've never sounded the way they have in Street Fighter X Mega Man.

The music from Street Fighter X Mega Man features classic themes in chiptune form, but these aren't simply 8-bit covers. These are Street Fighter tunes, but they sound like Mega Man themes. It's a wonderful mash up of tunes that will have you grinning from ear to ear as you listen. Select Your Fighter, the stage select theme is the fighter select theme from Street Fighter II, but it also sounds like the Stage Select theme from Mega Man 3. You can listen to just about any theme and spot the specific Mega Man themes therein. But even if you haven't played the last few Street Fighters, you'll still love the music. I hear the Boss theme is based off of some Street Fighter IV tune. I haven't played much of SFIV so I can't say I remember too much about the music, but one of the reasons I looked forward to the boss battles in the game was due to the battle theme. It's very chuckle-worthy that Goes With Everything was given the title that it was. It's a great rendition of an incredible theme.

If you haven't played the full game yet, the soundtrack does contain some spoilers. But any Street Fighter player should be able to deduce who the last few bosses are, so it isn't really much to spoil. Regardless, you should get this soundtrack. It's free, and the music is amazing.

Street Fighter X Mega Man Original Soundtrack

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Chalgyr Vokel said...

I haven't nabbed and played this one yet, but plan to in the near future. :)