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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man to Release on Dec. 17th

Want a new Mega Man game to play on Mega Man's birthday? Well, if you don't mind one that has Street Fighter characters in it, Capcom Unity has you covered. Street Fighter X Mega Man is a Free PC game that pits the Blue Bomber against characters from the Street Fighter series such as Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanka and Rolento. The game will follow the same format of the Classic series. Select a stage, blast through it, but instead of facing off against Robot Masters, Street Fighters will be waiting for you in the boss chambers. Beat them, get their weapon and proceed to the next level of your choosing.

The game marks the end of the Street Fighter 25th anniversary celebrations and the kick off of Mega Man's 25th anniversary.

Street Fighter X Mega Man has been in development for over three years. It started out as a fan game created by Seow Zong Hui. To have his game getting backing by Capcom is very much a huge deal. And getting it for FREE on Rock's birthday? Awesome.

The game will have a soundtrack by A_Rival. I haven't heard the man's work but from what I gather, his music is pretty good and I doubt anyone will dispute great 8-bit Mega Man/Street Fighter tunes. Hopefully the soundtrack will be free too.

Log on to Capcom Unity's Mega Man hub page on December 17 to download Street Fighter X Mega Man and celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday in style. While you're waiting for that date to roll around, check out the trailer below and get hyped.


Tommy said...

I can't wait for this! I've already got my 8-bit Blanka Avatar on PSN roaring to chomp at this bit!

Reggie White Jr. said...

I am super stoked to play this baby! I've watched the trailer several times already and each time I see it, I get a huge grin plastered on my face! Dec 17th, cannot come here soon enough!