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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Game Art #26: Pokémon Gallery

What? Did you think I wouldn't do a Game Art feature showing off one of biggest franchises on the planet? Think again. I'm no stranger to Pokémon. I once owned the original black & white Game Boy version of Pokémon Blue and I know how addicting hunting for pocket monsters can be. I've considered getting back into the series but as I said, I'm aware of how addicting these games can be and I already have  lot of stuff on my plate at the moment. Maybe someday I'll get down with Squirtle and Pikachu again. For now, here's some Pokémon fan art. Enjoy.

By TheBourgyman
By super-tuler
By slimu
By Delano-Laramie
By RhexFiremind
By angelskully
By miimiiakatsuki
By mark331
By e1n
By Qinni
By kittiara
By Zhampy
By purplekecleon
By EiffelArt
By Pikiru and colored by ruri-chu
By Sa-Dui
By arugaisou
By dreamwatcher7
By Nazzirithe
By aeonpants
By Cornelia-chan
By kissai
By nine-tan
By Delano-Laramie
By purplekecleon

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