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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hackers Unlock on-Disc DLC Characters in Street Fighter X Tekken

OK, who didn't see this coming? Everyone did? Yeah, that's what I thought.

A Capcom forum user by the name of Razum was playing Street Fighter X Tekken and had an online match against Blanka, a character that's a DLC only character in the console version of the game. Blanka and 11 other additional playable characters are supposed to be locked away on the disc until Capcom releases them at a later date as DLC. DLC as a bundle for $20. Alrighty, let's do some math here. Street Fighter X Tekken = $60. DLC console characters = $20. Street Fighter X Tekken + DLC console characters = $80. Ouch.

I knew it was only a matter of time before hackers found a way to unlock the console version's 12 DLC characters. I'm just surprised it took this long. While most people usually frown upon the actions of hackers, in this case, I think most people are giving them the thumbs up. Let's be real here, Capcom's method of trying to prevent a Super or Ultra edition of the game was, to put it politely, shady. Capcom is essentially forcing you to pay for something that you already own. It's just lucked away until they say you can use it.

Now if you don't understand the logic behind that (if it can even be called logic), here's one of the best analogies that I've read. This was posted by mmidigh in the comment section over at the news article on GameSpot. "I bought a new car last week but the dealer won't give me the windshield for another month until he decides to release it at an additional cost of $500. Seems reasonable to me..."

Capcom is taking steps to ban those that hack the game to unlock the DLC characters. Players that fight DLC characters that aren't out yet feel cheated because hackers can use them and they can't. I sympathize with them. Thing is, if you're OK with forking over an additional $20 for the bundle of characters, you're letting Capcom cheat you. Twelve locked characters is a good chunk of the roster to keep out of the players hands and by giving Capcom more money for them, you're saying that you're perfectly fine with being screwed over because that is exactly what Capcom is doing to you. As long as die hards and those that want the whole game continue to buckle over and cave to greedy companies, the cycle will continue. We can vote with our wallets by not buying these DLC characters or by getting the Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken which has these characters for free. Like Dr. Tenma said to Astro Boy when he was losing a battle against Atlas. "You have the power. USE IT!"

Source: GameSpot

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