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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latest Game Purchases #25

Went in GameStop, not expecting to find much in the way of bargains but I came away pleasantly surprised. My local store has had 3D Dot Game Heroes in stock for a good while now. I'd seen it there numerous times for $14.99. Since I was on the hunt for discounts, it seemed like as good a time as any to finally pick it up. Turns out it was the their last copy. It was new so it came with everything. This makes my second PS3 purchase. Despite not owning a PS3 yet, just like the PSP, if I can get some games on the cheap, I'll start building my library early.

I never expected to see a 3DS game for $14.99 but lo and behold, Ridge Racer 3D new for an incredible price. Didn't think I'd make my next 3DS pick so soon, but it's nice to be proven wrong. I've been a huge fan of the Ridge Racer series for a long time now, though I must confess that I haven't played a new entry in the series since Ridge Racer V on the PS2. So it will be interesting to return to the series after being away for so long.

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