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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Videos I Like #7: The Problem With Warp Whistles

Nearly every game in the Super Mario series allows the player to use warps, a means to skip entire worlds in order to make your journey shorter. But in making the trip brief, what of all the things you'll miss along the way? The unexplored worlds, the unseen enemies, the unused power-ups. Seriously, when you warp you can miss quite a bit. At least Bowser certainly thinks so. Brought to you by the gamers over at CollegeHumor, The Problem With Warp Whistles explores the nature of warping and it's affects on the hero. Sure, you got to Bowser in a hurry but what about all that stuff you passed up? Well, unless it's Lost Levels. The quicker that game is over and done with, the better. But I digress. At 2:16, this video is pretty short and it's safe for kids to watch. I'm especially fond of the placement of sound effects in this flash video. The sound of a Koopa shell bouncing back is used to go along with Mario's shocked facial expression when Bowser tells him one of the power-ups that he missed because he skipped some worlds. Great stuff from a great animation short.

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