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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's Talk About Mega Man's Smash Look

Oh, Nintendo. Oh Capcom. You really know how to excite your fans. The reveal trailer for Mega Man's appearance in the new Super Smash Bros. makes me wish Nintendo had an actually press conference in LA. I bet the cheers let out upon seeing the Blue Bomber in Smash would have made the the applause at Sony and Microsoft's conference sound like whispers. To say gamers are stoked about seeing Mega Man in Smash is a gross understatement. Just check out YouTube videos of gamer's reaction to the reveal trailer. I honestly believe they are more pumped to have Mega Man in Smash than Sonic and we all know how positive they responded to his inclusion.

Like many of you, for years I've dreamed of Mega Man being in a Smash Bros. game since since the doors were opened for third party characters in Brawl. Mega Man in Smash seems like a natural, perfect fit. I mean, he originated on Nintendo hardware. When one thinks of some of the best NES games, Mega Man titles are usually chief among those games. 

As for Mega Man's actual design? I LOVE IT! He's short, a bit chunky, but he looks so awesome and adorable at the same time. Right when I saw him in action in the trailer, I knew that they were aiming to keep his look similar to his NES incarnation, which Masahiro Sakurai said was "a top priority." I know some fans are tired of having NES Mega Man all over the place especially for representations of his 25th anniversary, but this Mega Man is iconic. As much as I'd love to see X show up, It wouldn't feel right if they used a different version of Mega Man for Smash.

Back to the design, I love the little touches like the lines around his boots and armor. I think those details keep him from looking a tad too basic. Some have commented that his facial expression is far too static. Since they wanted to keep this design in line with his NES sprite, I feel that that static expression is rather appropriate. Did Mega Man's NES game sprite ever crack a smile? The only time Rock's face ever changed was when he jumped or took a hit from an enemy. Even if he isn't showing much in the way of emotions, I still think Mega Man looks ridiculously cool.

While Mega Man's Smash look may be a highly updated version of his NES sprite, at least it isn't a direct rip of said sprite. One of the biggest beefs gamers have had with Mega Man over the last few years is Capcom's over reliance on classic Mega Man and his NES sprite. I'd totally play a new 2D Mega Man in this graphical style. Heck, I want an action figure of this Mega Man model! *Sigh* 2014 is so far away.


Tom Badguy said...

I enjoyed this as well and I'm not even a Smash Bros fan. I think it was the remixed Mega Man 2 music in the trailer.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Oh that MM2 remixed music was a given for his Smash appearance. Fans would rage if not a single MM2 song was found.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your love for his appearance in smash as well as his literal appearance. He is a perfect fit and looks like he belongs just as much as any other current starting character! I was honestly surprised with those that were "disapointed" with his updated look cause, I mean, wtf he looks totally badass! The internet still surprises me sometimes. Can't wait to hear what songs they bring in