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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mighty Switch Force 2! Official Soundtrack

So I just found out this week that WayForward made a sequel to the 3DS Ware hit Mighty Switch Force! Over the last few days I've been playing through the original and it's everything the critics and fans said it is, one of the best games you get from the eShop, if not the best. Long before I actually played the original game, I listened to the soundtrack over and over. It has since become one of my all-time favorite video game soundtracks. Just like the first game, Mighty Switch Force! 2 has been given a soundtrack release to coincide with the game's release. The Mighty Switch Force! 2 Official Soundtrack is every bit as amazing as the first game's score was. One could make the argument that it's even better, but it's an argument that I won't get into.

Once again, Jake Kaufman has been called upon to give us some highly memorable gaming melodies and the man does not disappoint. Like the first game, Mighty Switch Force! 2's music feels very retro, containing heavy doses of disco, funk, and chiptunes. The familiar Mighty theme present in every single Mighty game can be heard in the Title theme and that wonderful level select music returns with a new Stage Select arrangement. Mighty Switch Force! 2 does have a new main theme that appears in a number of tracks such as the aforementioned Title theme. This new main theme is most prominent in the oh-so-catchy Got2BAStar and the the staff roll, Credits (Rescue Girl), which is a sweet vocal track that sounds like it was sung by the Village People.

The good tunes don't end there. I can just imagine people dancing in a club to Soft Collision. I suspect Exothermic will be a huge fan favorite track. It reminds me of '80s techno for some reason and since I love the '80s, I have nothing bad to say about that. Exothermic will probably be the Love You Love You Love of Mighty Switch Force!2's music. Glow is another high energy track and I do hope Dalmatian Station gets the love it deserves because it's a splendid track that could get lost among so many other standout songs. My personal favorite track of the whole album is Soak Patrol Alpha. Exothermic is a fantastic tune, one I've hit repeat on numerous times but not nearly as much as Soak Patrol Alpha. There are a few instances where the song goes into dub step territory and I know dub step gets a bad rap but I think it sounds really good in this song. I nearly expect the lights to dim and a disco ball to descend from the ceiling every time I hear Rainbow Love Zone. The funk is certainly strong with that one. Things move towards the dark and foreboding with Final Level, a tune that leaves little doubt that the final confrontation is just ahead. Speaking of climaxes, Final Boss is our frantic, bullet-sweating final battle theme, complete with fire engine whaling in the background.

All of the in-game music comes in at 15 tracks long. That would have been enough to fill me up but Jake and company decided to pile even more on our plates with six remixes. My favorites among the remixes are Soak Patrol Alpha (Soak Patrol Mix), a more funk-infused version of the original tune arranged by coda. Title (Cool Me Down Mix), a mellow version of the Title theme and Rescue Girl, which Jake himself arranged. DJ Bouche, known for his excellent chiptune covers arranged Glow (All Aboard the Luminous Airship Mix), which reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy's orchestral themes.

So you've got some incredible audio from what looks to be a really fun sequel (haven't played it yet). Even better, the Mighty Switch Force! 2 Official Soundtrack is being offered for a name your price download. Should you choose to enter anything above 0, the money will go towards WayForward's future soundtrack needs. There is no minimum amount to enter. This soundtrack can be yours for nothing. Pay or don't, it doesn't matter. Get this soundtrack.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 Official Soundtrack

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