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Monday, June 24, 2013

Currently Playing #17

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

My addiction with Animal Crossing begins anew. And since this one is on a portable system, meaning I have all-time access to it, this could be the most addictive one yet. I thought the Animal Crossing games were getting a bit stale but when I heard that you would be the mayor of your own town, I knew that Nintendo had instantly reeled me back in with New Leaf. Having a greater deal of control than ever before? SOLD! Of course, I still feel that, in spite of my new found power, that devilish raccoon, Tom Nook is the one holding all the cards. I mean, I'm the mayor. THE MAYOR. And I'm still indebted to this furry, money grubbing freak? Feh.

I'm already seeing a lot of the old items pop up, but I'm seeing lots of new ones, too. You can wear pants or shorts and even socks! Or if you don't want to wear socks, or shoes, you can walk around barefoot! It's the little touches that make Animal Crossing games so much fun and New Leaf may be the best one yet! One of my favorite things about the Animal Crossing games is all the different clothes your character can wear and I'm already loving what I'm seeing in New Leaf. I'm already trying to collect as many bells as I can to not only pay off Nook to keep the mob off my back, but to keep more cool clothes on my back. You even get long sleeve shirts this time or shirts that have no sleeves!

A few things I don't like are writing letters. I don't know if it's my stylus or the fact that I'm playing on a regular 3DS, but the touch screen is insanely finicky in this game and it makes letter writing a huge headache. I know one way to improve the lives of citizens is to write letters and give them gifts, but if I gotta suffer every time I try to write something then those letters are going to be one word deals.

I'll have a lot to discus concerning New Leaf. So like some of my fellow bloggers have already done, I'm going to start a journal for my experiences with the game right here on this very blog. I'm not yet sure how frequent the updates will be, but it will contain lots of photos since this may be the best use I get out of the 3DS camera.

Mighty Switch Force! (3DSW)

Whoa! Why didn't I get this game when I first got my 3DS back in early 2012?! This game is AWESOME! I mean, I heard great things about it and I've heard the soundtrack so many times that's now a part of my brain. But to finally play the game? It's like trying a new dish that you're genuinely surprised is really good. It's an old-school game and like a lot of old-school games, you learn as you play. Thought it isn't too complicated. A touch of the button switches blocks so that they become solid for you to walk or jump on. You constantly have the switch the blocks to kill enemies, make it to prisoners and overall complete stages without accidentally crushing yourself with your own switch power, which I've found out is quite easy to do.

I'm almost finished with the game but I can easily see myself coming back to this one to get faster times on completing levels or just to play through it again because it's so much fun. Of course I plan to get Mighty Switch Force! 2 once I've wrapped this game up. WayForward has crafted one of my new favorite IPs and I'm itching for more.

Still Playing: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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