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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gamers: We Have Power. Xbox One Does 180

*Clap Clap Clap*

That is the sound of thousands of gamers around the world applauding Microsoft.

For weeks, Microsoft has been the target of memes, countless editorial slams and all other manner of bile that gamers can spew their way. All of the criticism Microsoft garnered was well deserved. Always online DRM, a constant internet connection to play games, checking in every 24 hours, no trading games and no used games were all reasons that would ensure Xbox One consoles would collect dust on retailer shelves if the majority of gamers had anything to say about it. And we most certainly did. The Xbox One may as well have had a boot up screen that gave gamers the finger because that was precisely what Microsoft was doing. So why would anyone be singing the praises of Microsoft? They had a change of heart.

I believe it was Derek Powers from Batman Beyond that asked new villain Shriek this question. "Have you ever had power? It's no small thing, I assure you."

Gamers, the people that keep companies afloat. The ones that drive sales. The ones that can make or break a game. We have so much power in our possession and over the course of several weeks, we demonstrated that power and showed a juggernaut cooperation just what we're capable of. We may not be able to do the things that Microsoft or other publishers can, but our opinions matter and we are not a people to be taken lightly.

All that editorial bashing? Those YouTube rant videos? All those hilarious memes that made the Xbox One "features" look like a joke? They worked. The backlash Microsoft received for placing such insane restrictions on the Xbox One hit the company like a ton of bricks, causing them to rethink their strategy, which was more or less failure. No more always online DRM. No stupid 24 hour check ins. Trading games, used games and borrowing games? We can do all of that as we've continued to do so for decades. Microsoft, you just sold yourself a ton of Xbox Ones.

I admit that I didn't think Microsoft was going to back down, at least not for sometime. So yeah, I myself was in doubt of the power that we as consumers hold. Like many of you, I expressed my outcry on the Xbox one, venting to get it out of my system, thinking Microsoft would stand firm. But today, I was reminded along with everyone else that what we do, what we say in this industry matters. So the next time you think you aren't contributing, think again. Our opinions, our voices, our say, our purchases make a difference because we have power.


Shockfile7 said...

Sounds similar in the way when "Hunter" was remade for the Xbox. The developers listen to the players and remade it as "Hunter: Redeemer". But I'm still uncertain about it. Have they truly removed all of those "features" or are they still there? Either in secret, or waiting their time for an update to activate them?

Reggie White Jr. said...

You aren't alone in thinking that. Many are questioning if Microsoft will reinstate those "features" down the road. I certainly hope not.