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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Trailers & Reactions

Being a huge fan of the Super Smash Bros. series, I was pleased to hear that trailers for the upcoming Wii U and 3DS entry had hit the web. Along with familiar favorites like Mario, Samus, Donkey Kong and Pit are three new challengers.

First up is the Villager from Animal Crossing. He comes with much of the tools that were used in Animal Crossing like the axe, the net and... a bowling ball? I'm stocked to have him as part of the roster for the upcoming Smash Bros. I'm guessing that a female version of the Villager will be selectable as an alternate costume.

Next up is the Wii Fit Trainer. I've never played Wii Fit but I thought her reveal was absolutely hilarious!

Last but certainly not least is one I was beyond excited to hear about. When I saw the footage of this guy joining the fight, I wanted to jump up and down like a school girl.


HOLY! CRAP! Mega Man. MEGA. MAN. Is gonna be in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.?! This had to be one of those times were gamers around the world simultaneously erupted with applause. If any third party character was deserving of a spot on the Smash roster, it's this guy.

"But it still isn't a new game. It's just a cameo." Shush, unpleasable Mega Man fanbase, I'm took excited about this news and I will not let you ruin it for me. Mega Man being in the new Super Smash Bros. is both huge and awesome news.

I LOVE how he was designed in this game! He looks so cute and cool at the same time. He uses sound effects from the NES Mega Man games, uses animations from said games and has a ton of Robot Master weapons at his disposal such as the god-like Metal Blade, the Leaf Shield, and Crash Bombs. Yeah, it sounds like the developers have a major hard on for Mega Man 2 weapons but they didn't stop there. Mega Man also use the Hard Knuckle, Spark Shock, Slash Claw, Flame Sword, Super Arm and Flame Blaster. Even the Top Spin, yes the Top Spin is one of the Blue Bomber's many weapons. All that and his charged up Mega Buster, too. Oh and in case you're wondering, yes, he can slide.

Let's look at some glorious screen shots of everyone's favorite blue android, shall we?

I'm not 100% sold on the visuals for the 3DS version but I'm pleased that I'll be able to play Super Smash Bros. on the go.

Every single Super Smash Bros. trailer since Melee has managed to hype me up and this one is no exception. I can only image the copious amount of things that can be unlocked like stages, music, trophies and such. I never got all of Melee's trophies and I'm still unlocking stuff in Brawl. I was hoping for Little Mac to step into the ring but Mega Man more than makes up for it. And there's still plenty of time before the game's release so more new characters could be added.

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