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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Comics: It Sucks to Be Weegie

Written and illustrated by Kevin Bolk, It Sucks to Be Weegie is web comic about, well, exactly what the title implies. Luigi is an eternal loser but despite his unlimited suckdom, he does gain friendship in Link, Daisy and Rosalina. The comic does use some different takes on these well known characters. A few examples: Link is gay, Daisy is chubby, and Rosalina is something of a ditz, believing Luigi to be Freddie Mercury from Queen. There are however, tons of nods and homages to the original source material. One of Luigi's regular hangouts is a bar known as Sub Space and he always drinks the Magic Potion that players use to get to Sub Space in Super Mario Bros. 2. There are some stand alone strips and a few strips that carry ongoing story arcs, such as one where Captain Falcon hosts a party. The art is fantastic and fits the tone of the comic, which is quite humorous to say the least.

It Sucks to Be Weegie can be read on Pot Luck Comics.

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Chris Clash said...

Going to check this out !