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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sonic & Super Mario Plush Throw Blankets

Two of the biggest gaming icons to keep me warm.

My second set of gaming oriented blankets are even bigger and warmer than the first. fye was having a sale on all their plush throw blankets. I believe the original asking price for these things was around $30 or so. Then they dropped to $22.99. I had my eye on the Sonic and Super Mario blankets and when I saw that the sale price was $15 each and that there was only one Sonic and Super Mario blanket left, I knew I had to make them mine.

I'm sleeping with the fastest thing alive. That sounded so wrong.

Luigi's getting more attention here than he is on the cover
for Mario Party 9.

Man, I just love the material these things are made out of. They feel so nice and warm. These things are also great to look at thanks to awesome coloring. You better believe I'll be taking special care of these things. Now if I can get a Mega Man blanket, I'll be golden.

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