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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Comics: Brawl in the Family

Brawl in the Family (the title being an obvious play on the old sitcom title, All in the Family) is a popular web comic written and illustrated by Matthew Taranto. The writing is clever, witty and heavily gag-based, but the gags never grow stale. It's one of the few video game web comics that's actually wholesome. The art style is very cute and innocent and still improving. As of this writing, the comic is approaching it's 400th strip. Brawl in the Family mostly centers around Kirby and the cast from the Super Smash Bros. universe but there are strips that feature other video game characters. Brawl in the Family manages to be funny without being obscene or falling on toilet humor, something many gaming web comics are all too quick to rely on. Strips can be very short or quite long. Two of my favorite lengthy strips are 200: Ode to the Minions, which was actually sung by the author himself. Strip 260: The Captive Princess shows how awesome Peach can be when she takes matters into her own hands and has a very touching ending. Brawl in the Family is easily one of my favorite web game comics, one I've been known to spend hours reading. You can view it here.

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