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Friday, February 3, 2012

Game Art #18: Professor Layton Showcase

I've yet to play a single one of these games, but I'm well aware of the series popularity. The first I'd heard of a Professor Layton game was back in 2007 and the art style really intrigued me. It's such a simple style but it really works for what the games are about. Enjoy the art.

By leziith
By tiny-mint
By XMenouX
By Pablo-M
By Megan-Uosiu
By mayumi-yue
By wredwrat
By 1-kilometer
By laalaachii
By onisuu
By chaoskomori
By Immature-Child02
By ry-spirit
By kGoggles
By wredwrat
By Katikut
By zillabean
By zillabean and RealNoir13
By kingryuuzaki
By Kakr0v and Frario
By PunkinPatch
By zillabean
By Kloku
By Pizzicatoh
By wredwrat
By speedking
By moa810
By zillabean
By raina0918
By ZheartL
By shibakaien
By RealNoir13
By MidnightSoiree
By Sora-Mito
By Pumpkin-Girl
By Suikka
By junkeemunky
By eERIechan
By zillabean
By wredwrat

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