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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Videos I Like #2: The Legend of Miyamoto

Legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamato has created some of the most memorable characters in gaming. But what would it be link if he ever got to meet some of his creations and interact in their unique worlds? Author Awkward-Squid gives us his take in The Legend of Miyamoto, a brilliantly animated short that see's the famed game developer encountering Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. This video is on YouTube, but not in the best of quality so instead, I direct you over to Newgrounds where you can view it in the best quality imaginable. The audio tends to be on the loud side over on that site, so if you've got headphones, I highly recommend you turn that volume down now. The video is accompanied by an audio track with some mild language, but it really doesn't hurt this animation in the slightest. This animated short is a fine tribute to one of the gaming industries greatest minds. If you're a Nintendo fan, you have to watch this.

The Legend of Miyamoto

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