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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game Art #19: Epic Mickey Showcase

I know this game got mixed reviews but I still want to play the game for myself. The whole concept of Mickey being responsible for Wasteland and meeting up with his "brother" after all these years just intrigues me. Also, I really love the game's effective art style. So much so that I'll eventually be picking up The Art of Epic Mickey. It seems the game's art was also well received with fans as there was a nice selection of fan art for Epic Mickey. Regardless of your feelings on the game, the art style was fantastic. Enjoy.

By elrukuu
By Ayemae
By g0N3Morganna
By HikaruTajima1989
By MZ09
By rongs1234
By pasatheone
By jarredspekter
By rubtox
By Danachii
By weslouie
By WindWak3r
By luigiversh
By sky665
By cartoonmaniac09
By NoPLo
By SailorSlytherin
By Jacksito4u
By JohnnyCago
By xXIsolation-TheoryXx
By luckyoswald
By The-Majoko
By deviantmel
By Rica-Fox-Prower
By luckyoswald

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